I’ve always been fascinated with how people interact with technology. I started work at a time when most people had heard of an email address but very few people had one. Today we spend most of our working lives interacting with some form of technology or another. In most cases these are connected to the Internet.

Human Automation is about making that interface between people and technology work. To make it work to the point that we can stop wasting time trying to figure how it works and focus on what we can achieve with it. We spend so much time at work that this should be easy, it should be motivational and more importantly we should be able to innovate.

This leads to a second theme that interests me. Companies are increasingly becoming socially responsible. Business is no longer purely about making money for the shareholders. Customers, employees and shareholders are becoming socially aware, they want suppliers, employers and investments that consider the environment, do not exploit labor and are great places to work. Traditional methods of measuring return on investment are quickly becoming invalid, people are looking for moral ROI as much as cash.

Making work a great place to be has numerous advantages. As the World economic balance shifts in favor of the East, Western companies need to work harder to continue being relevant. We’re constantly told how people are the company’s greatest asset. Empowering employees by giving them more freedom and allowing them to innovate is not something that will happen overnight. But it is a trend that should be encouraged, innovation should take place at all levels of the organization not just in Research and Development.

In order to remain competitive and relevant we have to rely on all our people.

I’m putting my views in to practice, find out more at The Skore. This is a project to build visual collaboration tools for building user stories in Agile development teams.


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