Facebook IS infrastructure

Have you seen this article on Cnet about Facebook becoming more ‘meh’ for teenagers? Shock horror, apparently Facebook’s popularity, as teenagers’ number one social network, has slipped. I mean, according to the survey, it’s still number one but it’s losing ground to other ‘cooler’ social apps.

I this the beginning of the end for Facebook?

Er I doubt it. In the conclusion the author states:

But there must be so many budding — and perhaps teenage — entrepreneurs who know that they need to find just one small emotional hook that will pull vast numbers of teens away from Facebook very, very quickly.

Sure there will be other cool things for teenagers to look at, and sure they don’t like their parents hanging around but Facebook is hardly the street corner your kids hangout on. Besides how many teenagers use only one social network exclusively? Many teenagers, especially those that have become teenagers in the last few years don’t see Facebook as the ‘cool new thing’. It’s just there, in the same way computers are, in the same way telephones and cars and all the other things we can’t imagine living without are just there.

Facebook, and to a large extent social networking in general, has become part of the everyday infrastructure of life. Is making a phone call cool? The fact that you can pickup a handset and dial a short set of digits and speak to someone no matter where they are in the World. I mean that’s awesome but how often do you hear teenagers calling it cool?

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